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Hello, What's up in DEMIURG band?
Not much really, we are just relaxing waiting for the new album to be properly out there.

Not long ago you have released second "The Hate Chamber" album. What is the feedback compared to debut?
The reviews and feedback has almost only been totally killer so far, maybe one or two reviews that has been average only. Compared to the first album people seem to enjoy this one even more. The debut also got loads of really killer reviews.

Ed Warby comes from Netherlands, so I suppose you have had problem with rehearsals, isn't?
Ed didnít come here to rehearse; neither did we ever rehearse at all in this band actually. We just send files and stuff to each other and then everyone in the band record their own parts and after that itís up to Dan SwanŲ to produce the result at his studio.

Are you ever playing live as you have such messy line-up?
No live gigs will be done I think, it would be cool but I donít think anyone would pay as much as it costs to have us play just a few gigs.

I've heard your lyrics are conceptual...?
Not entirely conceptual, we try to use both dark everyday lyrics and also more normal death metal stuff to make it all more easily digestible.

Who is author of opening riffs in Dawn Dusk Delusion track? They sound dark enough. What is the lyric about?
I wrote the songs on the album, so the author would be me. The lyrics for this is about the ongoing hell that is life, the everyday feeling of being sick but not having the balls to end this shit. Most lyrics are about that actually in some way or another.

Whose was the idea to use clean vocals? Didn't you wanted utilize Dan SwanŲ's voice?
I have known Pšr for a while and I think his clean voice is fucken killer. So I asked him to do some stuff for the album, and he ended up joining in. An for the next album itíll be clean vocals I think. Why we didnít use SwanŲís voice? I guess it would have been easy and stuff but I donít think he would have been too interested, and we didnít wanna use him just because we could. Itís way cooler to have Pšr do his stuff as heís a fucken master on that doomy shit.

How did you get to H. P. Lovecraftís creation and what have you been captured by?
Well Lovecraft is one of the best ever and itís easy to get into his whole world of sickness. I mean he has been the base of so much cool stuff through the years but I think itís simply impossible to not keep using his legacy as he was a true genius.

Not much of Swedish death metal bands incorporated Lovecraft's legacy in their creation, so you are maybe one of a few ones. Or do you know any other Swedish death metal bands?
I donít know this stuff at all haha, so maybe there is or maybe there is not Swedish bands having used this before.

Have you seen Dagon movie by S. Gordon? How would you compare it with the book?
The movie was really cool actually, but the book is killer as usual, so I guess itís the normal stuff when the movie only can be a bit of what the books was about. As you can hear we used some samples from the movie in the last song on the album, and I think it turned out really killer.

Do you believe in some supreme spiritual power?
Ah no not really. I think there of course could be stuff outside our realm but Iím not very spiritual, then I would be very scared for what I have done in my life hahahha.

Have you read something from Jean Paul Sartre?
Nope nothing actually, other than I know that heís the inventor of existentialism.

Is it possible this world is spiritual and the materialism is only perceptive deception in your opinion?
Well anything is possible right? I donít know really what my own idea about this is, as I havenít done much research in the field. But I think just about anything could be the right theory until itís proven not to be, if you get my meaning.

How do you remember your activities in DERANGED and EDGE OF SANITY? Both bands are split-up now.
The tour with Deranged was very cool, I met cool people and got to play in lots of countries Iíd never been to before. I am a really big fan too of Deranged music, so that made it all the cooler as well. Edge of Sanity was just a project for me; Dan wanted to have me growl instead of him to not ruin his voice so I of course did that. Edge of Sanity is also a fave band, so it was a big honor to be doing this.

Why don't you have classic web site?
We are too lazy to get someone to make one I guess. I mean we are too stupid to do one ourselves and getting someone else would cost money. And these days most people donít care anyway it seems, itís mainly forums and myspaces that are used so we settled for a myspace.

Do you have some vision of next DEMIURG album by now?
No not really, all I know is that I want it to evolve even more. I think we went harder and better from the first album to the current one, mostly thanks to Edís drumming and Dan making the production better. So for the next album I think I would want to keep it that way but also add some new stuff in the songs that we havenít used before.

Ok, thanx very much for your answers. Could you add your actual music top 5?
These days this is the most played stuff:

1 Necrophagia - The divine art of torture
2 Six Feet Under - Warpath
3 Deranged - III
4 Amon Amrth - The avenger
5 Vader - The beast

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