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Hello, how are things going for DEADBORN?
Hey Storm, the whole thing is running great. We’re very glad about the deal with Massacre-Records and the support they’ve given to us. It was also an awesome experience touring through Europe and we’re wondering for the upcoming tour with Hate Eternal and the shows with Dying Fetus and Testament. So everything is going the right way.

How are you satisfied with "Stigma Eternal" debut? What have you want to achieve with the debut album and what are your next purposes?
Well, we’re very pleased with the album. Beside the songs also the sound is great and the artwork of the cover and the booklet kicks ass! Okay, the playtime is a little short and sure after listening again and again you’ll recognize some points you maybe would change if you had to record it now. But overall we’re quite satisfied.

Why have you chose DEADBORN name? Sure you know that man born dead should be STILLBORN in English...
*lough* Yeah, we know. But regardless of this we thought DEADBORN is just perfect - it’s short and easy to keep in mind.

As two of you come from NECROPHAGIST, there I feel heavy influence by this band. Where can you see difference between you and NECROPHAGIST?
Of course there are influences but with Stigma Eternal we’ve found our own style and we’ll keep up that work. I think the difference is that we’ve less guitar acrobatic, more grooving parts and we’re just straighter ahead. Moreover there are some influences of Hardcore or a little bit of Thrash-Metal what you’ll never find that way in a Necrophagist song.

What is important for you at song writing? Oftentimes they find faults with your unvaried rhythms.
Hm, in my opinion we did an diversified album. You can pick out a single point of the record and at least after 2 seconds you know which song is playing because no song sounds like another one. But that’s a matter of taste - you’ll never do an album which is satisfying everyone, and the big majority of people talking to us are sharing our opinion. The most important thing is to keep each song in flow and to prepare it with a kind of groove, pushing forwards all the time. That’s our aim when writing a song and I think we achieved it at all.

Do you compose music all together or you have some main composer?
The main composer was Mario because in fact he’s both - guitar player and vocalist. And he still has this unique spirit of the Deadborn-style. Sure there are songs or single parts written by me or Jan, and of course Slavek is involved in each song and he did his own drumming. But since Stigma more and more Jan and me are involved in the songwriting and I think you can hear that very well on the next album.

I've read some reviews to your debut and in many ones they criticized that your first Ep "Decades of Decapitation" is far better than debut. What is your view to such statements?
As I sad - it’s a matter of taste. I like both of them so for me there’s not really a favorite one. I like to play the old songs as well as the new ones. It’s the mix of both what keeps the whole thing interesting.

Since when you play the guitar? Who has been your ideal?
I play the guitar for more than 16 years now and my idol for the very first days was Chuck Schuldiner. But with the years I recognized that I’m very into blues-styled guitar playing and so Dimebag becomes my absolutely favorite guitar shredder - up to now (R.I.P).
But another very, very big influence over all the years came from Pepper Keenan (C.O.C /Down) and from Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo. Yeah, not really Death-Metal at all *lough*.

Some Slavek’s drum passages remind me Mike Smith’s style. What is your attitude towards SUFFOCATION?
Of course Suffocation had a huge influence to us - not only on the drumming. It is one of the few death-metal bands I sometimes listen to. Especially the Despised The Sun - album. And Slavek maybe automatically use the similar drum-style without thinking to much about that, but ... we just do what we want to do.

Do you think that if you want to make a good album, it must be original? Which bands are original to you?
Puhh ... can’t be wrong if your style is reminded just by listening. But it’s not necessary to write a good album. Often it sounds synthetic when bands try to be extraordinary. Besides the huge well-known bands everybody knows I just can remember one band during the last year which stood out of the mass in fact of being unique, and that’s Volbeat. Never heard any similar. But I’m not that kind of man who runs twice a week into the record store to watch what happened in the scene. Often it takes months to get me some new records.

What do you want to express with your lyrics and where is your source of inspiration? Are the lyrics equally important for you as music?
The lyrics are all written by Mario and Jan. I think I read them twice and I know that they are full of psycho-stuff *lough*. Since I can remember for me the vocals are just like a kind of instrument which has to fit to the rest of the music. Over and out. I know this sounds snobbish but it is like it is.

You have done weird clip of Thorns of Inner Fear song. Who is author of this subject and what it means?
First question is easy. The author is a good friend of us called Holger Jung. He’s a self-employed artist and he did the Pain Is God - clip as well. If everything goes right he’ll do the Hate Eternal-tour with us for making a road movie about Deadborn. Looking forward for that! Second question is a little tricky because the clip is based on the thoughts of Holger. We gave him plenty of rope for the video but to me it shows the darkness and fear every one of us has inside and which came out at some special situations. And at the end of course there’s the order to get them away. Short version *g*

What is actual situation with death metal in Germany?
The Scene in Germany is (one of) the biggest in Europe - so I think we can be quite happy to have such an amount of maniacs and fans. There are lots of Shows and Festivals and at least a huge amount of bands. But of course it is and always will be a relative small genre.

Soon you go to tour with HATE ETERNAL and CEPHALIC CARNAGE. How did you get this opportunity? Are you looking forward to Fuck The Commerce?
For about half a year now we’ve got a booking-agency called Avocado-Booking. They also booked the shows with Dying Fetus or the last one we did with Misery Index / Despised Icon. These Avocado-guys are restless at work and I hope we’ll have a long and good working together.

Ok, thanx very much for your answers. Can you add your actual top 5?
My actual top 5 ... if you compare ‘actual’ with ‘new release’ I have to reduce it to three *lough* Thank you for the opportunity to do this interview and thanx for your interesting in DEADBORN. Good luck and all the best.

Ministry - the last sucker
Cavalera Conspiracy - inflikted
Testament - TFOD

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