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You have released your debut under Unique Leader not long ago, so you have reason to celebration...How would you resume the occurring reviews? Do they influence you anyway?
I haven't heard any reviews yet, but we're happy with the album as a whole. We donít really make music for recognition from anyone.

How long were you writing the stuff and how do you remember recording process? Was it exacting?
We had been writing songs for a few years, so some of the material is quite old, and some of the songs were written in the weeks before we went to the studio.  The recording process was a very learning experience. We werenít as prepared for it as we thought, resulting in a little more money spent, but Kip Stork at Avalon studios is awesome, he really helped us figure the studio out. There will be a lot of things done differently next time around. 

Do you regard your music as harmonic or disharmonic?
Disharmonic, sometimes both.

What differs you from the other bands? Do you think you are similar to someone? Your music reminds me FLESHGRIND sometimes...
Iím sure our sound is similar to our influences, cause that is what we like. Some of my faves are Disgorge (us), Deeds of flesh, Devourment, and Mortal decay.

When did you met death metal first time? What were your impressions?
I bought napalm death-harmony corruption, and Deicide-Deicide in the early 90s. I totally loved it. Havenít looked back since.

What are you lately listening to? Is it only death metal or also something different?
Lately Iíve been listening to Cephalotripsy, Guttural Secrete, Immolation, and deeds. Iím really looking forward to Condemned's upcoming album. Occasionally, I'll listen to some thrash metal, or some old rock, but mainly I listen to brutal stuff.

Do you have some fave vocalists? Whom do you regard as your idol?
Some of my favorite vocalists are: Angel Ochoa (cephalotripsy/condemned), Justin Richey (retch), Chalky (psycroptic), Levi Fusilier (disgorge), but my all time fav is Matti Way (disgorge). 

How do you evaluate the bands from the view-point of quality? What is important for a good brutal DM band?
I hate it when bands play past their ability. It just sounds crappy. If they could just slow it down a bit, and play solid, a lot of bands would sound better.

Who is lyrics author what are they concerned with? Track titles are somehow indirect and abstract...
ha-ha! Thatís because our bassist made up some of the titles to songs that I had written lyrics to. This album was all over the place lyrically. We tried to stick with sickness, suffering, and the end of the world.

Do you regard gore and satanic lyrics as clichť?
No.  Itís a big part of death metal. We just donít use them.

Your cover art reminds me last IMMOLATION album cover 'Harnessing Ruin' enough. Is it pure accident?
Our cover was done before that album came out. We wouldnít try to copy a bands artwork.  That would be lame.

Do you think that mankind inherited some disease and we are condemned to apocalypse?
We feel the disease is instilled in humanity. And there is a good chance there will be an apocalypse.

I've heard you should use portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator) on your T-shirts... Is it true? haha...
Thatís funny! We were thinking of using a sample from that movie, but decided against it.

Are you used to play sufficient live shows? Which ones do you regard as the best?
We love playing live, and think our music sounds better that way.

Is it possible you will come here into Europe to play live?
We were scheduled to play in Europe for the next gutting Europe, but it got cancelled.  As soon as we get a chance, we'll be there.

Do you have some conception of INHERIT DISEASE development? I think if you want to be more technical? Thanx for the interview... Please add your actual top 5.
We are already making songs for a new album, and I donít think it will be that tech.  Very brutal, thatís for sure.  You'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the Interview! Obie
1.Disgorge-consume the forsaken
2.Mortal Decay-Forensic
3.psycroptic-scepter of the ancients
4.Despondency-god on acid
5.Enmity-illuminations of a vile engorgement


obligated to suffer